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mymelodyoftheheart: Here's a question for fun: You and I are at Wizarding School, and during a week off from there, we decide to go on a camping trip with a group of our classmates. All of us are very excited to do this, except for Jessica. Throughout the trip, she is very nervous. Before we go to bed, Jessica accidentally drinks a dream poison that got into her water bottle and falls into a very deep sleep. We find out and drink it to enter her dream. She's trapped and needs to be brave to escape What do we do?

We each drink the dream potion and our minds travel through Jessica’s dreamland while our physical appearance looks like we are in a deep sleep.

we find ourselves in a dark, blue water which we can breath underwater with. we reached to the surface and in the distance we see a small little island with a tree standing in the middle and Jessica all tied up in on the tree bark.

we swam towards it only it took what feels like hours reaching towards the island

[one of the things i don’t like when i dream is that i would dream of myself running but its hard to run really fast because i feel like i’m swimming underwater. just a note there.]

we cast a spell with our wands to move the water away from us like the famous Moses’ moves the water.

Atlas we made to the island. at first glimpse, it looks like an ordinary little island with a skeleton tree in the middle with Jessica curled up in a ball near a tree bark, crying herself. 

"Jessica?" I call to her.

She looks up and ran to us and gave us a big, group hug. we break the hugging session and asked her what’s wrong.

"Oh it was awful! these monsters from the ocean were trying to drown me."

"Jessica, it’s okay." you said. "It’s all a dream."

"A pretty vivid dream if you ask me." Jessica said.

"Wow." i said. "That dream potion is pretty powerful."

"Dream potion?" she cocked her head when she asked.

we both told her she somehow drank the dream potion which makes your dream feel so real it’s hard to tell if the dreamer is really dreaming or not. She nods her head in understanding.

Then suddenly the monster that tries to drown Jessica pops out of the ocean and tries to crawl up to the beach and we all backed away. we’re all surrounded by the creepy sea monsters. we all held each other hands and chanted a spell that would send them blasting off away from us like the team rocket blasting off again. bing!

[had to add the bing. lol :) ]

After defeating the sea creatures that terrify Jessica, the once dark atmosphere of Gothic skeleton tree starts to bloom into a gorgeous tree and the leaves turns into flying birds.

The dreary night sky turns to day.

we stare in awe at how a nightmare scenery becomes a beautiful & happy little paradise.

"Well. I guess it’s time to you home." i said it to Jessica.

she turns to me and nods.

us fine wizards had created a portal which looks like a floating looking glass. after-all, this is Jessica’s dream. inside the looking glass portal, it reveals our physical body still asleep like we have never left. we each jump in one at a time, and the next thing we knew we woke up at the same time. 

we told our journey though Jessica’s dream to our fellow classmates at the campfire gathering. everybody enjoys the story and we all continue telling each other stories around the campfire, making smores, and sang Spongebob’s the campfire song song.